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"Los niños tienen pene. Las niñas tienen vulva. Que no te engañen.  Si naces hombre, eres hombre. Si eres mujer, seguirás siéndolo".
Bus of Hazteoir.org (EL PAÍS)

Wow, I have no words to describe this message. When I read the piece of news I was shocked. How can it be possible? How can a group of people still think that transexuality is a fraud, a delusion? 
First of all, I will explain the conflict for those who haven't heard what has happened. Last week a bus run in Madrid. It was orange and it came with a clear message, a message against transexuality. The reactions of the passers-by were of astonishment and disagreement. Some of them couldn't believe that such a bus was running in the city. Since then lots of tweets, and comments have been made; most of them negative. Finally, Courts have forbidden temporarily this bus. But in a press release, the director has claimed that although "Gay Inquisition" (this is how he calls to the town hall of Madrid) has "kidnaped"  the bus, they will release two buses in order to "fight" them.

This is the short part of the story. When I heard this I decided that I wanted  to research about this organization, because I would like to know what goes around the minds of these people. So that is what I have done. 

Logo of CitizenGo. (http://www.citizengo.org/es)
Hazteoir.org is a civil association that is inside the group of CitizenGo. CitizenGo defines itself as a "community of active citizens who work together, using online petitions and action alerts as a resource, to defend and promote life, family, and liberty. We work to ensure that those in power respect human dignity and individual rights."  CitizenGo gets its financiation thanks to donations of private citizens who share their beliefs. 

Hazteoir.org is its platform in Spain. It has similar values and its financiation comes from a subscription of  members, different private donations, from heritage or campaigns. Its chief is Ignacio Arsuaga. The people who work with this platform are volunteers of different ages who feel identified with these values. This group is not only against LGBT community but against abortion. 

Logo of Hazteoir.org ( http://hazteoir.org/conocenos)

After this quick research some thoughts came to me. The first one is that they are supposed to enact some values as freedom and life. But is transexuality against freedom and life? This organization claims that wants the equality between people, and is not equality to treat everybody fairly? So why they decide to show a bus that is making a difference between people? 

We must understand transexuality. I believe that there are people who know since they are kids that the body that has been given to them is wrong, they feel the other sex and there is nothing wrong about it. We cannot decide whether it is right or wrong, is something that can happen to people that can even be closed to you. Transexuality DOESN'T depend on your education or environment. Is something that is inside you. 

Nowadays, people like to claim that are open-minded, that understand to the whole community of LGBT, but then appear things like this bus. So what is happening in the world? Why cannot we accept LGBT community? Why there still exist groups like this that have more than 460.000 subscriptions per year? 

To sum up with this reflection I would like to say that it is sad to see how this things still occur and that there are people that support those ideas. And that people are not only of 50 years old, there are young citizens that share this beliefs and hates LGBT community. Why? Why we still hating our neighbour? What difference can I find between a transexual person and a non transexual person? They are humans  like everybody that suffer with this  type of hate speech and the ones that consider speaking about it because they feel judged, as if their feelings were wrong. What is our society doing?


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